adobe AIR app and bluetooth

Tag: flex , air , adobe , bluetooth Author: hjr7768094 Date: 2010-10-19

I want to build a adobe Air application that sends an image to a mobile phone via bluetooth. Do you know of a framework or library to do that directly or indirectly? I mean using only flex or do I have to use another language also, such as java?

any hints are welcome thanks in advance thodoris

Best Answer

Hey Thodoris. You'll probably have to use merapi + a bluetooth api built on java.

I'm not sure if it is part of the community, but I heard recently that the framework has been ported to c#.

There are certainly other options as well. For example, there is a way to deploy weborb with your AIR install. Then, with the instance of a java or iis 'server' running client-side, you can invoke java or .net methods through a localhost "amfEndpoint".

I hope those couple of options help. Best of luck. --jeremy


I just re-read my post and thought, "there has to be an example of the client weborb deployment." Found this: