Multiple Capybara wait times?

Tag: capybara Author: wenshididai Date: 2012-12-30

I want to have different Capybara wait times in my code depending on how much time they usually take to load completely? Do I have to repetitively keep changing the Capybara.default_wait_time or is there a better way?

Best Answer

You can use using_wait_time(seconds) method like:

using_wait_time 3 do
  expect(page).to have_text 'Lorem ipsum'

or :wait option (that appeared in Capybara 2.1).

Note that :wait option was supported only by find method in Capybara 2.1.

Support for :wait option in matchers (i.e. has_x? and have_x methods) has been added in Capybara 2.2:

expect(page).to have_text('Lorem ipsum', wait: 3)


Excellent answer, thanks for mentioning the upcoming support.