crontab not working fine?

Tag: crontab Author: jeff2047 Date: 2012-03-26

i have this crontab,

* * * * * php /etc/raddb/overloaded.php

but it is not running fine, meaning it doesnt run every minute, but when i manually enter this into the terminal (php /etc/raddb/overloaded.php), the script works

thank you guys

PS: im using centos 32 bit. also im using the "crontab -e" to insert and save crontab, but it looks like that crontab is not running? i typed "crontab -e" and yet (* * * * * php /etc/raddb/overloaded.php) appears. where is the issue here? thanks

Best Answer

Crontab syntax is right. Please check if your cron daemon is running and you can check log, maybe it conatins some usefull info. I think the most possible problem is that cron has its own environment settings. Try to run php with its full path, e.g.


or w\e path you have


how can i check if cron daemon is running
its running fine!!
tnx! i did service crond start