Content hosting from a custom query - URL send

Tag: content Author: zx1987zx1987 Date: 2013-12-26

I am new to the site and I am not a programmer - so pl. forgive me for not using the right lingo.

I need to find a solution where a user is requesting information and based on the user preferences a content is developed. That content need to be stored in a responsive HTML 5 format so that its only accessible by that user but at the same time don't want to password protect it. I simply want to send an email to the user that their requested content is ready. The user should be able to archive the content for later use too or that content can be automatically deleted after some time (lets say aging out after 3 months).

Is there a ready made solution for this kind of task? What tasks I need to carry out to accomplish this?

This question is not a good fit for this website. You are looking for a software package recommendation, while SO is for programming-specific questions.