Cannot Compile/Upload to NXT LEJOS, fix advice?

Tag: java , eclipse , 32-bit , nxt , lejos-nxj Author: kgtq21 Date: 2014-04-23

I have followed the instructions for uploading files onto the NXT from: , however I recieve the error :

     leJOS NXJ> Error: Failed to load USB comms driver.
     leJOS NXJ> Caused by lejos.pc.comm.NXTCommException: Cannot load NXTComm driver
     leJOS NXJ> at lejos.pc.comm.NXTCommFactory.newNXTCommInstance(
     leJOS NXJ> Caused by lejos.internal.jni.JNIException: library jfantom.dll was not found in C:\Program Files (x86)\leJOS NXJ\lib\pc\native, architecture windows/x86_64
     leJOS NXJ>     at lejos.internal.jni.JNILoader.loadLibrary(
     leJOS NXJ> Searching for any NXT using Bluetooth inquiry
     Native Library intelbth_x64 not available
     Native Library bluecove_x64 not available
     leJOS NXJ> Error: Search failed.
     leJOS NXJ> Caused by lejos.pc.comm.NXTCommException: Bluetooth stack not detected
     leJOS NXJ>     at
     leJOS NXJ> Caused by javax.bluetooth.BluetoothStateException: BlueCove libraries not available
     leJOS NXJ>     at
     leJOS NXJ> Failed to find any NXTs
     leJOS NXJ> Failed to connect to any NXT
     No NXT found - is it switched on and plugged in (for USB)?
     uploading the program failed with exit status 1

and yes before you ask it is plugged in and connected via usb(verified via control panel), also I see that it does mention the absence of bluecove libraries, will this be a problem? If not the only real issue (kind of doubt that is it however)?