Stemmer in Solr

Tag: apache , solr , solrj , stemming Author: cuiyanaaa Date: 2012-09-04

I was using the EnglishPorterFilterFactory for the application that I'm currently building in solr. Things are going fine. I tried using EnglishMinimalStemFilterFactory since I wanted to go for a less aggressive one. But I was not able to analyze the huge difference in the solr results. Whats the difference between the both? Also could you recommend me a less aggressive filter factory for pluralization stemming.


Best Answer

I would go for the HunspellStemFilterFactory. Given that it is based on dictionaries rather than algorithms, I expect it to be less aggressive.


Could you please let me know the difference between EnglishPorterFilterFactory and EnglishMinimalStemFilterFactory ?
They implement algorithms described by different research papers. See and… (look for "S stemmer")
Thanks a lot .... :)