Video embed flashing

Tag: video , streaming , embedded-resource Author: yechen454 Date: 2009-11-01

Can anyone help me with this video embed and tell me why it's flashing instead of playing the video?

Update: I have verified that the .flv file is the correct size and am still experiencing the issue.

Best Answer

Your video squeeze.flv is file corrupt. As it is only 25kB long chances are it has been severely truncated on upload.

Other Answer1

It looks like you're missing something like this:

 <param name="src" value="video_to_play.swf" />

or that you're missing the embed tag which could be something like this:

 <embed name="csSWF" src="video_to_play.swf" width="640"
                height="499" bgcolor="FFFFFF" quality="best"
                allowscriptaccess="always" flashvars="csConfigFile=file=squeeze.flv"

Good luck!