.htaccess redirect rule with [L] not working

Tag: apache , .htaccess , mod-rewrite , redirect Author: JerryHerryS Date: 2012-08-01

I have following statements in .htaccess file in my shared hosting account.

RewriteRule ^process/$   index.php/auth/process/ [L]

Above rule was working fine on my old VPS hosting, but not on my new shared hosting.

To make this work I need to add 301 redirect, but that is not correct solution as it redirects entire page and in browser.

Following is working statement:

RewriteRule ^process/$   index.php/auth/process/ [R=301,L]

Can somebody please explain me the difference and guide me for the same?

What does "does not work" mean exactly, what result do you get? What do you see in the browser?
please post the rewrite log. Also specify what exactly is happening.
Does it rewrite ok if you were to instead link to a different page such as test.php? Try: RewriteRule ^process/$ test.php [L] and set the contents of test.php to something simple such as Hello World.