Searching for a Maven dependency by the types it defines

Tag: maven Author: hyt1727 Date: 2010-10-22

Say, I saw a type named a.b.c.d in a piece of code, and Eclipse couldn't resolve it. I also found no dependencies declared on its POM. Can I search for the missing dependency by that type name?

Best Answer

With Eclipse and m2eclipse

Assuming you have checked Enable Full Index for a given repository (using a right-click in the Maven Repositories view), you can search for artifacts by type in it using Navigate > Open Type from Maven as suggested by maximdim (+1).


As an alternative, you can use an online repository search engine like JARVANA that offers a search by Class.


Other Answer1

Yes you can if you install m2eclipse plugin - there will be 'open type from Maven' functionality in 'Navigate' menu